8th Grade Exam Schedule

  • Friday, May 12th – Math (2 periods) and Spanishkeep-calm-exams

  • Monday, May 15th, Social Studies (8S) and Literature (8E)

  • Tuesday, May 16th, Social Studies (8E) and Literature (8S), and Science (both sections)

  • Religion is a take-home test due on Friday, May 12th

    • will be given out one week in advance

  • English is a take-home test due Monday, May 15th

    • will be given out one week in advance.

Ms. Drummond will begin collecting laptops on Monday, May 15th – as soon as the English take-home tests are turned in.  Please make sure that your child brings the laptop, charger, and cord to school on Monday, May 15th.  

If the charger is not turned in, you will be billed for the cost of a replacement at $79.00.  

Only Apple branded parts are acceptable – no third party replacements will be accepted.