The Solar Eclipse at SHCS

Dear Friends and Family of Sacred Heart Cathedral School,

As you know, there will be a solar eclipse visible over most of the United States on Monday, August 21.  While our school is south of the complete blackout zone, we will still experience much of it.  This is an excellent opportunity to teach our students about science and the wonder of God’s creation.  With guidance from our Diocese, this is what will be happening at Sacred Heart Cathedral School on Monday.

The eclipse will occur between 12:03 and 3:02 with 1:35 being the maximum coverage.  Depending on cloud cover, it may be very visible or just dark.  Students will be reminded in their classes they should not look directly at the sun, as this can cause serious damage to their eyes or even blindness.  Please reinforce this at home.

Proper eye protection (approved NASA eclipse glasses) is the only safe option.  Sunglasses do not work.  Proper eye protection has been purchased for our students in grades 3-8.  If you are allowing your child to participate in this you have signed and returned a permission slip.  If you do not sign the permission slip your child will stay inside until dismissal. Students in grades 3-5 will go outside for a ten-fifteen minute viewing around 1:25. Middle school students will also go outside around 1:25 for a 20-30 minute viewing.

All students are allowed to wear caps/hat when they are outside.  Younger students may wear ball caps during the day as they will not be participating in the eclipse. PE classes and our recess will not go outside after 11:45.

Dismissal will be delayed 10 minutes, with dismissal starting at 2:50.  The walkers will be escorted across the street at the end of dismissal, so please plan accordingly. Extended care does not begin until 3:15-3:20 so the students will be fine since this is after the eclipse.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.


Elizabeth and Dave

Principal’s News & Notes

July 18, 2017

Dear Friends and Family of Sacred Heart Cathedral School,snow

Summer greetings as many of you are in the midst of vacation time with your family.  The beginning of our school year is only a few weeks away, so we wanted to share the exciting happenings this summer at Sacred Heart Cathedral School. Dave and I are honored to introduce this distinguished faculty.

Our pre-k teacher is Mrs. Erin Bowie.  Mrs. Bowie is the mother of five children, a graduate of UWF and is totally immersed in working with our pre-k young people. Mrs. Bowie’s expertise will continue the excellence established in this program for our young learners. She also has three children that will be attending our school.

Our first grade teacher is Ms. Rachel Barzen. Ms. Barzen comes to us as a recent graduate of Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. Welcome Rachel as she brings her wisdom and enthusiasm from her experience at Franciscan and in the classroom.

Our fourth grade teacher is Mrs. Debbie Garland.  Mrs. Garland is a graduate of Regis University, a Jesuit University in Denver, Colorado.  Debbie comes to us with 17 years experience as a Catholic school educator in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Debbie and her family returned to the Pensacola area to be close to her retired parents.   Mrs. Garland’s room is painted, already prepared for the new school year and has a new floor.

Our 6th grade home room teacher, and Spanish teacher is Mrs. Ricardo.  Mrs. Ricardo is a graduate from a Catholic University in the Dominican Republic as well as having earned a Master’s degree in Pennsylvania.  She is also a cultural dance teacher, so middle school will have the opportunity for a new fine arts elective.

Our middle school science teacher is a current parent, Mrs. Rachel Barry.  Mrs. Barry is a graduate of UWF holding both an undergraduate degree in biology and an MS degree in microbiology.  She has years of experience teaching science at the high school level.

Our Morning Star teacher, Mrs. Diana Susann holds an undergraduate degree from Boston College, a Jesuit University, and an MA from California State University.  Both degrees are in special education.   Mrs. Susann is relocating here from Bosnia as her husband is in the military.  Mrs. Susann is a mom of five children; four will be at Sacred Heart and one will be at Catholic.

The last change is that Mrs. Sidney Poller has moved to the front office and Mrs. Terry Sadler will become the Pre-K aide.

We have been blessed with many new teachers from many diverse backgrounds, yet all centered on the same mission and vision.  I hope you join us in welcoming these individuals and their families to our school community.

As for our building projects…the new floor has been laid to replace the old carpet.  The new floor is the same floor used at Sacred Heart Hospital so it has a positive history of sustainability.  We are creating a literacy/exceptional learning room at the end of the hallway.  Most exciting is that we are creating an outdoor space for eating lunch so our young people will have their own space to eat their lunch.  The fence company is scheduled to begin soon so that our students will not only be able to eat outside, but this atmosphere will create an outdoor classroom that will allow the students and faculty to feel safe and enjoy the atmosphere of East Hill.

The fence company is the same company that installed our fence surrounding the parking lot.  While we are not installing the brick columns at this time, this is an on-going project where we will be reaching out for family support during the school year.


Blessings for your continued support as we move Sacred Heart Cathedral School forward and create a new generation of inquiring  minds who understand how to integrate knowledge and live our mission statement of educating hearts and minds for God.

Elizabeth Snow,

Dave Kimbell,
Assistant Principal

Principal’s News & Notes


As we prepare for our final liturgy this morning and reflect on our year, I want to thank you for your support to continue to make Sacred Heart Cathedral School truly a family where we continually live our mission to serve others and reach for academic excellence. From the many volunteers who continually help at our school, to those who offer their assistance financially to continue to develop our school, I sincerely thank you for all that you do. Our children are the best; they are bright, articulate, kind and loving. However, most of all, they utilize their faith to make a difference in our world. There are so many stories I could share from a young student who gave away his money for a great cause, to the student who volunteered to spend his summer helping others. This community of families is the best. Everyone who visits our school comments on how friendly the students are and how happy they seem. That is such a tribute to you, our parents, and the teachers who work with our students daily. It is truly a special privilege to be part of this community.

As we end our year, we end on a very special note. Our first-grade teacher, Miss Sarah Payne, will be married at our 8 a.m. Mass. The first-grade students are very excited as they are the honorary “attendants”. You are all welcome to join us at our liturgy. Cake will be served after the Mass in Ave Maria Hall. We will all miss Sarah as she begins her married life in San Diego. However, she promises to return to visit.

There are a few other teacher positions that will be changing for the 2017-2018 school year. While we have interviewed and chosen candidates, the candidates are in process with the diocesan screening procedures. Consequently, I will write to you when all of the candidate positions are finalized.kimbell

Blessings to you and your family for a safe and faith-filled summer,

Elizabeth and Dave

Letter from the Principal


Thank you for all of your support and assistance this year as we worked together as a family for the successes of our wonderful young people.  We could not have accomplished what we have done without the many hours you have offered as a volunteer, whether it is the help you have provided in the kitchen or coaching a sports team.  For every moment you have spent as a volunteer being involved at Sacred Heart Cathedral School, I sincerely thank you.  It has been a privilege to work with everyone, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

A special thank you to Coach Kelly and Coach Shaw for the awesome track victory on Saturday.  I also thank all the parents and students who came to support our team during this event.  You really are the best and you will celebrate your accomplishments as team members during the sports banquet this Saturday evening.

The Ribbon Mass was a beautiful event as our 8th graders wrapped up their day with a retreat planned by Mrs. Jacq Forte.  They certainly enjoyed the setting at Bayview Park and we had a wonderful day.

First Communion is always memorable as these young people move forward in their faith journey. We are looking forward to tomorrow when students, led by the second grade, will bring flowers and recognize Mary as we do every May.

On the academic side,  we are looking forward to middle school finals, some great field trips for the elementary students and two graduations. kimbell

Our 8th grade will graduate on Thursday, May 18th at 5:30 p.m., and our kindergarten students will graduate on Tuesday, May 23rd.


Elizabeth and Dave

Letter from the Principal

Greetings Parents,snow

I will be leaving Tuesday evening, February 21st, to attend the Florida Catholic Conference. The conference begins Wednesday, February 22nd , in Orlando.  The Florida Catholic Conference is held every two years.   All the superintendents and principals in the state of Florida meet for three days to plan and discuss the future of Catholic education in our state. We will hear from noted speakers, who will speak about the future of Catholic education, explain specifics on curriculum, and explain objectives we need to meet to continue to be a successful and vibrant school.

We will collaborate on aligning curriculum both vertically and horizontally and discuss best practices for professional development.  We also share best practices.  There is a special meeting for Morning Star, which I will be attending Wednesday. This is very important as we continually align our program with the other Morning Star programs throughout the state so we are in unison as we meet the needs of our special students.  This is a very exciting year as we meet with many new opportunities to grow for the future

I will return to school next Monday, February 27th.  However, I have been asked to be on an accreditation team for a school in Jacksonville, Florida.  I will be there March 1st, (Ash Wednesday) through Friday, March 3rd.  I will drive home on Friday afternoon to be home for our Trivia Night, March 4th. I can’t wait to see everyone there!

Thank you for your continued support as we move Sacred Heart Cathedral School forward to make great things happen which include involving families in partnership with our faculty and staff.  It is our objective to continually work towards building a relationship of partnership and family here at Sacred Heart Cathedral School and the Cathedral Parish.

Please know I am with you in prayer and as I will miss greeting you in the morning and in the afternoon when I am in Orlando and Jacksonville.  Along with Father James, I will miss walking our students across the street as they are greeted by parents as they walk home.  We are so blessed to have so many walkers that live within the community of the Cathedral Parish.

Thank you for all you have done to enrich this our school. You are the best and I feel blessed every day to have the opportunity to serve you.



Letter from the Principal


We had a great week for Catholic School’s Week as our faculty, staff, and students were involved in service projects.  Cards were made for our first responders, saint presentations were shared with buddies, we celebrated our nation and collected goodies for the pantry and to make baskets for the homebound.  It was especially touching having grandparents’ day on Friday this year so the students and grandparents or special friends could begin our day with the liturgy.  Thank you to our many volunteers who were able to attend the volunteer dessert/tea and to the students who performed.


This past week Step-Up for Students presented students, parents, and teachers with recognition awards.  The program had over 600 applicants for these awards and only 36 awards were awarded.   I am very proud to say that two of our students, Jude Poller and Solomon Worlds were recognized as outstanding students.  Mrs. Terrie Campbell was recognized as an outstanding parent, and Ms. Jillian Bugos and Mr. Patrick Schmitz were recognized as outstanding teachers from Step-Up.  We had the most recognition at the awards event.  Thank you and congratulations to our students, faculty, and parents!   You are the best as you give of yourself for others


We would like to offer special thanks to the following:

  • Alumni parents, Rick and Sarah Sanchez, for orchestrating a pancake breakfast following Sunday’s 8:00 AM Mass.  This is such a tribute to our alumni and their continual association with the school and parish.
  • The Knights of Columbus and SHCS PTO for assisting with the pancake breakfast.
  • SHCS students, Shelby, Donovan, David and Morgen for sharing their experiences at SHCS during weekend masses.
  • Fifth grade for organizing and serving at the volunteer recognition dessert party.


The online registration is up and running for re-enrollment.  Please read Dyna’s diligent correspondence on this.  We are here to answer any questions you have.  If you have not received the re-registration material, please let us know.


  • Science Olympiad Competition
    Saturday, February 18th at UWF
    5th-8th Grade Science Olympiad team members
  • 8th Grade Volunteers @ Ronald McDonald House
    Friday, February 17th
    Friday, February 24th
  • Mardi Gras Parade
    February 28th
  • Ash Wednesday
    March 1st
    Mass – 8:00 am
  • Trivia Night
    Saturday, March 4thkimbell
    Ave Maria Hall

Our 8th-grade students will be planning meals, cooking and doing chores at the Ronald McDonald House on Friday, February 17th and 24th. They will also be participating in a service project at the Pensacola Humane Society.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication toward Catholic education.

Elizabeth & Dave

Letter from the Principal

 January 29, 2017


Parents and Supporters of Sacred Heart Cathedral School,

We were blessed this past Friday with the many grandparents and relatives of our students who joined us for Mass and then spent the morning with us participating in interactive activities, ranging from PE activities to reading, exploring the world of math and playing the classic board games.  A great time was had by all and I thank you for your support, grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends of our students.  It was a privilege to meet and talk with you.

Thank you to all of the families who participated in Mass last evening and this morning.   Our students greeted, read and reflected on their experience as students at Sacred Heart Cathedral.  The pancake breakfast was a great success. Thank you to everyone who volunteered.  We couldn’t have had this community event without everyone’s participation.  Thank you for setting the example of service to all.

Monday of CSW is celebrating Our Community.  We will be meeting with first responders in our community and thanking them for their dedication to keeping our community safe.  Students will be preparing cards and thank you notes of appreciation.  We will also be collecting can goods all week to supply our own local food pantry at the Cathedral.  Please be generous as we aim to re-stock a depleted pantry after Christmas. It is also our goal to supply goodie baskets for the homebound of the parish.  More on this during the week.

Tuesday is student day and while our students may wear crazy shoes and socks to show their uniqueness, we are always still aware of the memorial of Saint John Bosco and his contribution to Catholic education. We will end the day with a school-wide treat. We honor the sacred privilege of being able to work with and educate your children.

Wednesday we celebrate our nation as we recognize our veterans and all service men in our parish and community. Please join us at Morning Prayer as we recognize those who have served their country.  We also recognize and collect items for the homebound of the Cathedral Parish. Wednesday through Friday please send in a piece of fresh fruit, canned meats, soups and assorted candies.  Buddy classes will put together baskets for the homebound and they will be delivered by the weekly visitors who bring Communion to these homebound parishioners. STUCO will attend the annual Mass at Catholic High School. Father James will concelebrate the Mass.

As we recognize the Presentation of our Lord on Thursday, we recognize our volunteers.  There will be a 1:30 reception for our volunteers organized by our school faculty and staff.  The volunteers will be treated to a special presentation that will highlight the talents of some of our students.  We recognize that without you, our parent volunteers, our school would not be able to offer the services we offer to everyone.  You are the best as you constantly give of yourself in service to all.  You are the ultimate example of our mission statement.

Friday is the feast day of Saint Blaise.  We will conclude our week with Mass, blessings of the throats and a presentation to Father James and Father Dustin of a Spiritual Bouquet that has been designed by each class.  While we celebrate vocations, we celebrate the presence of Father James and Father Dustin in our school community. We will end the week with an all-school rosary at 2 p.m. The rosary will be prayed for Catholic Schools across our country.

I feel so very blessed with the privilege of working with you, our special families, as we all grow in our faith, under the guidance of Father James and in community with one another.  Together, we grow in faith; together we become stronger members of our community as we reach out to others.