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The primary election will take place tomorrow.  The Cathedral (across the street from the school) is a polling precinct.

We plan to keep our school parking lot closed.
Voters should enter the Ave Maria Parish Hall by parking on Moreno or Mallory Street.
School parents need to be patient and kind and be aware of extra traffic on 12th Avenue.  Also, there may be voters walking across the streets that border our school.
Faculty will be especially vigilant when our students are outside at recess.  Mrs. Snow and Mr. Kimbell will be outside when our students are playing.

Sacred Heart Cathedral School PTO Nominations & Elections

Download the PTO Nomination Form here.vote

As we welcome spring and thoughts of the end of the school year it is time to plan for the leadership of the 2017-2018 PTO Board of Directors. It has been my privilege and honor to serve as President of the Sacred Heart Cathedral School Parent Teacher Organization (SHCS PTO). My sincerest gratitude to our PTO Board members and Committee members and the SHCS Community volunteers who so generously devote their time, talent, and treasures to our school. The children of SHCS see each day in school, at every sporting event, academic competition, and at the Pumpkin Run the volunteer efforts of their family members, and church and community members in action all working to provide for the mission and vision of SHCS; to educate hearts and minds for God.

In the 2017-2018 school year SHCS needs your help in serving as Board Members and Committee Members of the SHCS PTO. Please answer the call to serve as a leader of the school, in our community and of your family.

The mission of the SHCS PTO is to build a stronger Sacred Heart Cathedral School by promoting communication, community, education, spiritual growth and resource development among parents, teachers, staff and parishioners.



Vice President





Presides at all meetings of the PTO and PTO Board

Has a vote in all PTO Board decisions

Serves as one (1) of two (2) signatures required for expenditures from the PTO operating account

Keeps informed and is in constant communication with other officers and standing committee chairpersons

Keeps informed and is in contact with the school Principal and Rector and reports at the School Board meetings

Directs the overall actions of the PTO and PTO Board

May call special meetings of the PTO and PTO Board


Attends all PTO and PTO Board meetings

Has a vote in all PTO Board decisions

In the absence or incapacity of the President, preside at the meetings of the PTO and perform all duties assigned to the President

Assists the President as needed

Shadows the President to learn the duties of the office for the subsequent year

Provides the PTO with timely and informative guest speakers at the general meetings


Attends all PTO and PTO Board meetings

Has a vote in all PTO Board decisions

Publicizes meetings and functions of the PTO to the general membership.

Records and makes available to the member’s minutes of PTO and PTO Board meeting

Presents copies of the previous meeting minutes for consideration and approval

Keeps attendance records and minutes of all meetings for five (5) years

Assists the President with any and/or all PTO correspondence

Maintains copies of the By-Laws to be available at all general meetings


Attends all PTO and PTO Board meetings

Has a vote in all PTO Board decisions

Maintains accurate records of receipts and expenditures for the operating account of the PTO, which is funded through membership dues

Serves as one (1) of two (2) signatures required for expenditures from the PTO operating account

Presents a treasurer’s report at all PTO and PTO Board meetings

Ensures that all approved bills are paid

Helps the Fundraising Chair plan and organize the annual PTO’s fundraising objectives

Keeps copies of the Treasurer’s reports for five (5) years

Assists the President as needed



Attend all PTO and PTO Board meetings

Have a vote in all PTO Board decisions

Direct activities relevant to their committee area as directed by the President

Are directly responsible for all duties of their respective committee, but with the privilege of recruiting as many members to the committee as deemed necessary


Fundraising :

This committee oversees the Lucky Hearts program, SHCS Brick Pavers, and the sale of SHCS merchandise (Hats/visors, Tervis tumblers, car magnets & stickers). As a growing school with growing needs the PTO needs volunteers to assist with creative and diverse fundraising initiatives and to provide assistance with alumnae outreach.


This committee creates a welcoming atmosphere at meetings and events throughout the school year. From the first greetings of new families as they register their students and are matched with a SHCS family, annual Boo Hoo Breakfasts that continue to grow, annual parent mixers the community of SHCS is ever present. This committee also oversees the wildly successful Trivia Night basket raffle coordinated in conjunction with the Room Parent Chairperson.

Volunteer Coordinator: (Pumpkin Run, Trivia Night etc…)

Assist with our school’s major fundraisers that provide for significant funding of scholarships, building upkeep and construction and educational support of our students. Let’s not forget the fun you’ll have working all the way to the finish line of the Pumpkin Run and until the last question is called at Trivia Night!


If you are interested in serving as the Chairperson of the Hospitality Committee or Room Parent Committee or in serving as a volunteer for any of the PTO Committees please email the 2016-2017 PTO Vice President Bronwyn Hindman at Bghindman@hotmail.com


Nominations (self-nominations and in support of a SHCS registered family member) for the 2017-2018 PTO Board positions of President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer will be accepted until Friday, March 31, 2017. All nominations must have the express consent of the nominee. Nominations must be returned to the SHCS front office in an envelope marked PTO Board nominations or by email to Dyna Boland at Dboland@shcs.ptdiocese.org by Noon on March 31st. Late nominations will not be accepted.

PTO Board Elections will be held by SHCS School Reach on Monday, April 3, 2017. The 2017-2018 PTO Board will be announced at the PTO General meeting being held on April 5, 2017 at 6 pm in the school gymnasium.

For any questions about the PTO Board positions and elections please contact 2016-2017 PTO President Scarlett Henson at (850) 380-0428 or Scarlett.henson@gmail.com

PTO News

Election results are in!

  • President – Scarlett Henson
  • VP – Bronwynn Hindman
  • Secretary – Don Varela

Congratulations and thank you to all who voted!

PTO News – Nominations Needed!


voteThe general PTO meeting was held on Wednesday, April 6. At this meeting we gave away one $100 school registration fee. The lucky winner was Leann Roberts. Congratulations to the Roberts family!

Unfortunately, our general meeting was poorly attended. If you were not in attendance and would like to review the minutes, they will be available on the website. A pressing matter that we need to address is the PTO board elections. We will be losing our President and Secretary this year, so we need nominations for those positions. Please send in nominations for either position. To serve as President one must have formerly served in an elected position on the PTO board. You may self-nominate. You can send nominations to Michelle Robinson at MRobinson@robinnet.com through Friday, May 6. Once nominations are received, we will conduct an election through School Messenger the week of May 9. Please participate. We need your input!