Consecration to St. Joseph

In this difficult time we turn to St. Joseph, foster father of the Son of God, spouse of the Mother of God, head of the Holy Family, to ask that he intercede with Christ for all those who are affected in any way by this pandemic. As we consecrate of our schools and ourselves to St. Joseph, we implore his paternal protection for us and the Church.

Let us now entrust our Catholic schools, our diocese, our country, and ourselves to the protection and care of St. Joseph. You are the pillar of families, hope of the sick and protector of the Holy Church. You who are the patron of educators and children, educated Jesus and provided him with the best example of fatherhood. Today we consecrate our diocesan schools to St. Joseph.

With the love of a Father, embrace this diocese which we entrust and consecrate to you, together with ourselves and our families.

With the love of a Father, embrace our schools which we entrust and consecrate to you, together with ourselves and our families.

With the love of a Father, embrace us as we consecrate ourselves to you, together with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

In a special way we commend to you those particularly in need of your paternal care.

St. Joseph, Most Just, Chaste and Prudent, you were so wonderfully filled with the light of truth, we entrust to you all our students, teachers, principals and pastors and school families of our Catholic schools.

You are Joseph, Glorious Patriarch and Patron of the Church, Virgin Spouse of the Virgin Mother of God, Guardian and Virginal Father of the Word Incarnate, and so much more. Today, we take you as our father and ask you to always remember us as your devoted children. Never let us be far from you. Keep us. Bless us. Protect us. Teach us. Nourish us. Bring us to the Holy Trinity, today and at the hour of our death. Help us to love you, Our Lady and your Son more and more throughout our lives. Fill in our weaknesses and give us your humility. Thank you for receiving this little offering from us, St. Joseph, our father.


Letter regarding Coronavirus

March 10, 2020

Dear Diocesan School/Early Learning Center Families:

Our principals and directors met last week and discussed the topic of the Coronavirus. In addition, there has been communication among diocesan offices within the ecclesiastical province of Florida.

Please know that the diocese and schools/early learning centers are treating this virus seriously and are creating plans now on how to react in the case of local confirmed outbreaks. Communication will be cascaded down from the Office for Catholic Schools within the next few days regarding emergency planning including virtual teaching, if a school closure happens to be necessary. In the meantime, we want you to know what we are doing at the school level in an immediate response to the virus.

We have either trained employees who clean or a commercial cleaning company who come into the school/center twice a week after hours to clean our classrooms and bathrooms.

We have bottles of hand sanitizer and are ordering more to spread throughout the school.

 We have boxes of tissues in each classroom.

We are posting instructions sheets near all sinks for the children on proper handwashing procedures.

We have scheduled a safety-training with the Coronavirus as the topic for our staff meeting.

School parents, please remember our school policy that if our local school district closes for weather-related or health-related issues, we also will close that day. We may have a different opening date due to the needs of our specific community, but we defer to the local public school superintendent in regards to school closures, as do the other private schools within our diocese.

PLEASE NOTE: For the remainder of this school year, if a child stays home sick and turns in a doctor note (emailed to the school office), that absence will not be counted against the student in regards to perfect attendance. It is more important to us that you keep your sick children home rather than send them to school in an effort to achieve any perfect attendance award that may exist at your school.

Please remember that our parent/student handbooks state that if a student is ill with anything contagious or has exhibited a fever of 100 degrees or more, rash, vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours, the student may not be sent to school. Please make sure your children are fever-free (without fever-reducing medication) for at least 24 hours before sending them to school.

Anyone traveling to Level 3 countries (currently China, Iran, Italy and South Korea) should self-quarantine upon return and avoid contact with others for 14 days.

We are taking a proactive approach, and if nothing else, hurricanes have taught us the importance of being prepared and having a plan in advance. There is nothing to fear at this time, and we want to make sure that everyone is sure to get information from good sources. The CDC and WHO, along with state and local health departments, are our sources of information.

Please see current information on the diocesan website at the following link:

What you should know about the Coronavirus:

Coronavirus Factsheet:

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Morning Star High School Listening Session

“The Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee School Advisory Council is considering the creation of a Morning Star High School for students with special or unique needs. The Morning Star High School committee is holding a listening session for all interested families on Thursday, May 23, at 5:30 pm.

The meeting will be held in the large conference room at the Monsignor James Amos Pastoral Center on 11 N B Street in downtown Pensacola. Come share your hopes for a Catholic option for our high-school aged students with special needs and learn more about the work of our exploratory committee.”

Diocesan Middle School Retreat

Middle School Retreat Flyer 2018This Sunday evening is the deadline to register your son or daughter for the Diocesan Middle School Retreat. The retreat is Saturday March 10. It’s an afternoon retreat1:00pm – 8:00pm. 
Registration is $25 and includes t-shirt. The Happy Bus is reserved and it looks like we will fill it.
Further travel details to come. You may register your student at: