CHS Volleyball Camp

Camp Dates: JULY 26th TO JULY 29th

  • Beginners Skills Camp 1
    • 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
    • Grades 3-5
  • Beginners Skills Camp 2
    • 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
    • Grades 6-8

Both camps will have technically correct training in basic volleyball skills using age appropriate equipment. Instruction will be given in passing, setting, hitting and serving in a fun and safe environment.

  • General Skills Camp
    • 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
    • Grades 9-12

Players will learn new skills and improve technique in passing, setting, hitting and serving. Participants will also be trained in floor defense and team concepts.

  • Hitting Camp
    • 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
    • Grades 9-12

Fast paced camp focusing on hitting skills. Players must have a good grasp of basic volleyball skills to attend this camp 

Download the Registration Form for more information.

Consecration to St. Joseph

In this difficult time we turn to St. Joseph, foster father of the Son of God, spouse of the Mother of God, head of the Holy Family, to ask that he intercede with Christ for all those who are affected in any way by this pandemic. As we consecrate of our schools and ourselves to St. Joseph, we implore his paternal protection for us and the Church.

Let us now entrust our Catholic schools, our diocese, our country, and ourselves to the protection and care of St. Joseph. You are the pillar of families, hope of the sick and protector of the Holy Church. You who are the patron of educators and children, educated Jesus and provided him with the best example of fatherhood. Today we consecrate our diocesan schools to St. Joseph.

With the love of a Father, embrace this diocese which we entrust and consecrate to you, together with ourselves and our families.

With the love of a Father, embrace our schools which we entrust and consecrate to you, together with ourselves and our families.

With the love of a Father, embrace us as we consecrate ourselves to you, together with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

In a special way we commend to you those particularly in need of your paternal care.

St. Joseph, Most Just, Chaste and Prudent, you were so wonderfully filled with the light of truth, we entrust to you all our students, teachers, principals and pastors and school families of our Catholic schools.

You are Joseph, Glorious Patriarch and Patron of the Church, Virgin Spouse of the Virgin Mother of God, Guardian and Virginal Father of the Word Incarnate, and so much more. Today, we take you as our father and ask you to always remember us as your devoted children. Never let us be far from you. Keep us. Bless us. Protect us. Teach us. Nourish us. Bring us to the Holy Trinity, today and at the hour of our death. Help us to love you, Our Lady and your Son more and more throughout our lives. Fill in our weaknesses and give us your humility. Thank you for receiving this little offering from us, St. Joseph, our father.


A Letter from the Principal

                                                                                 October 4, 2020

Fall Greetings,

We have had a very successful five consecutive days of school.  The students are eager to learn, the teachers eager to teach, so we are moving forward quickly. As you noticed from the calendar, when we were delayed in starting school, I extended the first quarter one week, so the quarter ends next Friday, not this Friday.  This will give the teachers time to assess student growth that is recorded over a typical time frame.  I am continually so impressed with our student body and their constant awareness of helping one another. They are learning to serve one another at an early age which will carry them through 8th grade and beyond as they learn to become servant leaders, leading with their faith.

There are two components to this letter; Lucky Hearts and an update on work in our PreK and kindergarten classrooms.

Our PTO Lucky Hearts fundraiser has always been a very important part of fundraising at Sacred Heart Cathedral School.  This particular fundraiser creates funds for the teachers to enhance their teaching.  For examples, these funds are used to create classroom libraries which supplement our growing library for all of the students. The money is also used to fund the literature circle and book clubs that occur in grades 3-8, along with supplemental material for Story Works and Journeys in grades K-2.  Technology enhancement subscriptions for math, writing and music are also supported through Lucky Hearts.  Flexible seating has been possible because of Lucky Hearts and I know firsthand, this is very popular and successful for our younger children. This year I would also like to purchase some playground equipment that will fit nicely into our smaller playground space.

Names are pulled weekly so you have a chance of winning $100 or $50.  You can win more than once.

Consequently, your support of the PTO Lucky Hearts allows your child to have enrichment activities that are not supported through tuition alone. As of today, we have 41% support of this wonderful and fun program.

 I realize many of you are facing financial difficulty as a result of hurricane Sally and consequences of COVID restrictions.  However, I am asking you to please reconsider your participation, as we are accepting donations through Friday, October 9, 2020.   The advantage for your child is they are allowed to be out of uniform one day per month, along with a mask of their choice to be worn that day (except for political masks).  As the administration is conservative about out of uniform days, this is a nice perk for your child in thanksgiving to your dedication to this program.

As for an update on the PreK and kindergarten classrooms.  Yesterday, the team from Cason successfully removed any asbestos in the flooring in both classrooms, including the bathroom.  The abatement was a success and the school is completely safe. During this process, no one was exposed to asbestos.  However, you will see the plastic on the walls, encompassing the rooms.  This will remain in place until the new floors have been completed and the room once again sanitized. Once the plastic walls are removed, our 8th grade will once again, help to move the belongings back to the original classrooms. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Blessings to you and your families as I am continually humbled by your support so I can serve this wonderful school community.


SHCS Closed Next Week


Prayers you have all weathered hurricane Sally with little damage. Your safety and well-being is our major concern. As a result of COVID, we have learned to take extreme caution when it comes to the safety of our families and their children.

During Sally, our new addition as well as some of the rooms in the old building sustained flooding. We are still dehumidifying and obtaining new flooring for the affected classrooms. As a result, we will be closed this coming week; Monday, September 21 through Friday, September 25.

We have a professional staff that will be on our campus tomorrow working to ensure everything is safe for your children when they return to Sacred Heart Cathedral School. Our goal is to have the school pristine and clean upon your arrival back in the building.

Many people have asked what they can do to help. The most important request is that you pray for our school, families, faculty and staff. We will be moving forward as we pray together as a community.

If we can help anyone affected by this storm, please let me know.


School Closed Tomorrow

In accordance with the Diocesan policy of following Escambia County schools for weather-related closures, school will be closed tomorrow due to TS Sally.  Information about reopening will be posted here, on Facebook and sent via SchoolMessenger.

Reminder about weather-related school closures

The Catholic Schools will follow the lead of Escambia County School District announcements regarding school closings during the hurricane season or for other weather related school closings. Announcements will be made on the radio (WYCT 98.7 FM, WCOA 1370 AM and JET 100.7 FM) and TV (WEAR Channel 3).

Listen for announcements that pertain to Escambia County, FLORIDA not Escambia County, ALABAMA – the towns of Brewton, Atmore and Flomaton.

If your house is significantly damaged or destroyed during a storm, if you evacuate and cannot return in a timely manner, etc. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL THE SCHOOL and leave a message. We want to know that all of our families are safe.

School Messenger:   Parents and staff can expect to receive an automated phone message or text containing vital school closing and re-opening information.

Facebook:   School closing and re-opening information will be posted

Escambia County Public Service Announcement:   Be prepared. As this hurricane season approaches, Escambia County officials are reminding citizens that “the first 72 is on you,” a catchy way of saying that citizens should be equipped to provide for themselves, their families and their pets for at least three days following a major hurricane. State and federal help will not be on the scene and local resources will be spread thin.


Hello CYSL Parents,

Thank you for your patience as we all adapt to the challenges COVID-19 has presented to our schools and our lives.  CYSL is monitoring the situation, gathering information from local and state agencies as well as advice from medical professionals.  Our first priority is the health and safety of our students.

Our board has met multiple times regarding the upcoming beginning of the school year.  Our Catholic schools in Pensacola return to campus with on-site classes on August 24.  Our top priority is a safe return to class for all of our student-athletes in CYSL member schools, who are foremost students.

The CYSL board, in collaboration with our Superintendent of Catholic Schools and myself, has decided to delay the start of Fall sports.  The board will meet again on October 1 to assess the current situation, with the hopes that a shortened three-season year could still take place.  Information regarding specific sports is not available; all will be considered as we learn more and prayerfully discern next steps, keeping student and volunteer safety our top priority.

May God bless us as we prepare for our upcoming school year.

Tony Howard, CYSL Director

Our Back to School Plan


As we begin our 4th of July celebrations and turn our thoughts to returning to school, I want to keep you updated on the latest reopening news from the diocese. Attached you will see the document that has been formulated by the superintendent, along with the principals with legal consultation from our diocese. We would like you to know what we plan to do specifically at Sacred Heart Cathedral School to plan and continually present for your safety and the safety of your entire family.

Every morning, as students enter the building before 7:30, their temperature will be taken before they are allowed to go to their designated area.  After 7:30, the students will report to their homeroom.  Every class will have two teachers present greeting the students at the doorway.  One teacher will record attendance, the other temperature.  If there is an issue with the temperature over 100.4 the student will be escorted to the front office sick room where the parent will be called.  Please do not send your student to school if they do not feel well.  This places everyone at risk and you will only be asked to return to school to bring your child home.

As always, we will have hand sanitizers in every classroom.  We also have purchased 10 touchless hand sanitizers for the hallway.  The front office will also have touchless hand sanitizers and one with a stand as you enter the building.

We are in the process of changing the faucets in all the bathrooms to touchless faucets.  This will certainly eliminate problems with contamination.  Two new water filling stations have been ordered to replace the water fountains. Students will need to bring a water bottle from home. Mr. Jonathan Wallace, our resource manager,  will be present to daily sanitize our stations and the school will be deep cleaned nightly.

We have four new tables for the eating area so we can social distance during lunch.  This added capacity will allow for students to space out while eating. Assembly of these tables was completed this afternoon.  We will be working on a lunch schedule so all students can optimize their time outside in the fresh air while eating.

As our situation is constantly changing, we are looking at opportunities to maximize morning prayer as well as weekly Mass attendance.

However, in the end, your safety, the safety of the faculty and staff is of prime importance. At this time, masks are optional in the classroom.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me.  While I am out of the office beginning Monday, July 6, as we wait for the arrival of electricity to our new building, I will answer emails daily and will be present in the office next Friday, July 10.

As for other news and notes…we are anxiously looking forward to our added space.  As many of you saw during the summer, the stained glass window from the Cathedral was installed into our chapel.  It is quite the focal point with natural illumination. Networking is being completed so we will all be connected by our move-in day which is scheduled for July 20.

As Basil Moreau, CSC, explains, “We shall always place education side by side with instruction; the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart. While we prepare useful citizens for society, we shall likewise do our utmost to prepare citizens for heaven.”


Elizabeth Snow                                     Nicholas Lahr