A Letter from the Principal

                                                                                 October 4, 2020

Fall Greetings,

We have had a very successful five consecutive days of school.  The students are eager to learn, the teachers eager to teach, so we are moving forward quickly. As you noticed from the calendar, when we were delayed in starting school, I extended the first quarter one week, so the quarter ends next Friday, not this Friday.  This will give the teachers time to assess student growth that is recorded over a typical time frame.  I am continually so impressed with our student body and their constant awareness of helping one another. They are learning to serve one another at an early age which will carry them through 8th grade and beyond as they learn to become servant leaders, leading with their faith.

There are two components to this letter; Lucky Hearts and an update on work in our PreK and kindergarten classrooms.

Our PTO Lucky Hearts fundraiser has always been a very important part of fundraising at Sacred Heart Cathedral School.  This particular fundraiser creates funds for the teachers to enhance their teaching.  For examples, these funds are used to create classroom libraries which supplement our growing library for all of the students. The money is also used to fund the literature circle and book clubs that occur in grades 3-8, along with supplemental material for Story Works and Journeys in grades K-2.  Technology enhancement subscriptions for math, writing and music are also supported through Lucky Hearts.  Flexible seating has been possible because of Lucky Hearts and I know firsthand, this is very popular and successful for our younger children. This year I would also like to purchase some playground equipment that will fit nicely into our smaller playground space.

Names are pulled weekly so you have a chance of winning $100 or $50.  You can win more than once.

Consequently, your support of the PTO Lucky Hearts allows your child to have enrichment activities that are not supported through tuition alone. As of today, we have 41% support of this wonderful and fun program.

 I realize many of you are facing financial difficulty as a result of hurricane Sally and consequences of COVID restrictions.  However, I am asking you to please reconsider your participation, as we are accepting donations through Friday, October 9, 2020.   The advantage for your child is they are allowed to be out of uniform one day per month, along with a mask of their choice to be worn that day (except for political masks).  As the administration is conservative about out of uniform days, this is a nice perk for your child in thanksgiving to your dedication to this program.

As for an update on the PreK and kindergarten classrooms.  Yesterday, the team from Cason successfully removed any asbestos in the flooring in both classrooms, including the bathroom.  The abatement was a success and the school is completely safe. During this process, no one was exposed to asbestos.  However, you will see the plastic on the walls, encompassing the rooms.  This will remain in place until the new floors have been completed and the room once again sanitized. Once the plastic walls are removed, our 8th grade will once again, help to move the belongings back to the original classrooms. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Blessings to you and your families as I am continually humbled by your support so I can serve this wonderful school community.