Letter from the Principal

 January 29, 2017


Parents and Supporters of Sacred Heart Cathedral School,

We were blessed this past Friday with the many grandparents and relatives of our students who joined us for Mass and then spent the morning with us participating in interactive activities, ranging from PE activities to reading, exploring the world of math and playing the classic board games.  A great time was had by all and I thank you for your support, grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends of our students.  It was a privilege to meet and talk with you.

Thank you to all of the families who participated in Mass last evening and this morning.   Our students greeted, read and reflected on their experience as students at Sacred Heart Cathedral.  The pancake breakfast was a great success. Thank you to everyone who volunteered.  We couldn’t have had this community event without everyone’s participation.  Thank you for setting the example of service to all.

Monday of CSW is celebrating Our Community.  We will be meeting with first responders in our community and thanking them for their dedication to keeping our community safe.  Students will be preparing cards and thank you notes of appreciation.  We will also be collecting can goods all week to supply our own local food pantry at the Cathedral.  Please be generous as we aim to re-stock a depleted pantry after Christmas. It is also our goal to supply goodie baskets for the homebound of the parish.  More on this during the week.

Tuesday is student day and while our students may wear crazy shoes and socks to show their uniqueness, we are always still aware of the memorial of Saint John Bosco and his contribution to Catholic education. We will end the day with a school-wide treat. We honor the sacred privilege of being able to work with and educate your children.

Wednesday we celebrate our nation as we recognize our veterans and all service men in our parish and community. Please join us at Morning Prayer as we recognize those who have served their country.  We also recognize and collect items for the homebound of the Cathedral Parish. Wednesday through Friday please send in a piece of fresh fruit, canned meats, soups and assorted candies.  Buddy classes will put together baskets for the homebound and they will be delivered by the weekly visitors who bring Communion to these homebound parishioners. STUCO will attend the annual Mass at Catholic High School. Father James will concelebrate the Mass.

As we recognize the Presentation of our Lord on Thursday, we recognize our volunteers.  There will be a 1:30 reception for our volunteers organized by our school faculty and staff.  The volunteers will be treated to a special presentation that will highlight the talents of some of our students.  We recognize that without you, our parent volunteers, our school would not be able to offer the services we offer to everyone.  You are the best as you constantly give of yourself in service to all.  You are the ultimate example of our mission statement.

Friday is the feast day of Saint Blaise.  We will conclude our week with Mass, blessings of the throats and a presentation to Father James and Father Dustin of a Spiritual Bouquet that has been designed by each class.  While we celebrate vocations, we celebrate the presence of Father James and Father Dustin in our school community. We will end the week with an all-school rosary at 2 p.m. The rosary will be prayed for Catholic Schools across our country.

I feel so very blessed with the privilege of working with you, our special families, as we all grow in our faith, under the guidance of Father James and in community with one another.  Together, we grow in faith; together we become stronger members of our community as we reach out to others.







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