News & Notes


There are a few things on our calendar as our school year is in full swing and the students are immersed in learning. Student Council Installation will take place at our Praise and Worship gathering, Wednesday, September 21st at 1:45. This is a change from our past years when we would have these installations at the end of Mass. This change allows for our children to center their prayers and thoughts in the Eucharist and Mass which is the summit of our existence.

Please make plans to join us. We will have the installation and then proceed with the singing of the songs for our Friday liturgy. Since four of us will be out of school on Father James’ birthday, September 15, we will celebrate Father James’ birthday as a school community on Friday, September 16. Thursday, September 22 will be a dress down day to benefit the victims of the flooding in Louisiana. Mr. Patrick Schmitz, our middle school English teacher, spent his ACE years in Baton Rouge, LA. He talked to the students today explaining the need and showing pictures of those who were affected by the flooding. Thank you, in advance, for your participation in this service project.

The 8th grade is scheduled to visit Catholic High School on Tuesday, September 27th .

There is a general PTO meeting on Wednesday, September 28th. Please plan to attend as there are many opportunities to volunteer for a variety of projects the PTO is goinkimbellg to be involved with this year.

Blessings for everything you do to support Sacred Heart Cathedral School.

Elizabeth and David

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