News & Notes


Here we are at the end of September and almost the end of the first quarter, which ends on October 7th . Tomorrow is the last day for Lucky Hearts. We have not reached our goal, so please take the time to become involved in this important fundraiser for our school. The children and young people are the individuals who benefit from this program, so please support us in this endeavor. An added perk is that you have a weekly chance to win either $50 or $100.00.

Thank you to everyone who generously supported our Louisiana Dress Down Day. We raised over $900 to send to the specific families identified by Mr. Patrick Schmitz. Mr. Schmitz has informed the families who are very grateful for our prayers and service.

Please mark your calendar for a couple of important events.

Friday, September 30th

  • Pep rally in the gym at 2 p.m.
  • Spirit Night at Catholic High School at 7:30 p.m.

Please join in on the fun.

Next Tuesday, October 4th, is our first annual Blessing of the Pets in recognition of Saint Francis of Assisi. Father James will bless all the pets during morning prayer. Please join us outside near the flagpole with your family pet. Just have all dogs on a leash and all smaller animals in a transportation container. As you have seen on Facebook, the animals must return home after morning prayer. They are not allowed to spend the day “in class”. Thank you for understanding.

Father James, Mr. Kimbell and I will be hosting a coffee and donuts after the Friday, October 14th Mass. Please come and join our discussion as we make plans for the future of Sacred Heart Cathedral School.kimbell

Mark your calendars for October 19th and 20th as these are the days for our student led conferences. For those of you are new, information will be sent to you regarding this important and relevant event in your child’s education.

Blessings for all you do,

Elizabeth and David

Pep Rally Tomorrow

CheerThere will be a pep rally tomorrow at 2 p.m.

This is not a dress down day as all students will be in full uniform and the eighth grade students will be in their leadership uniform for Mass at 8 a.m.

At lunchtime, the cheerleaders, volleyball, and football players may change.

  • Volleyball players wear their jersey with jeans and uniform shoes.
  • Football players wear their jersey with their uniform shorts and uniform shoes.
    • No padding or extra gear….
  • Cheerleaders change into full cheer uniform.

News & Notes


There are a few things on our calendar as our school year is in full swing and the students are immersed in learning. Student Council Installation will take place at our Praise and Worship gathering, Wednesday, September 21st at 1:45. This is a change from our past years when we would have these installations at the end of Mass. This change allows for our children to center their prayers and thoughts in the Eucharist and Mass which is the summit of our existence.

Please make plans to join us. We will have the installation and then proceed with the singing of the songs for our Friday liturgy. Since four of us will be out of school on Father James’ birthday, September 15, we will celebrate Father James’ birthday as a school community on Friday, September 16. Thursday, September 22 will be a dress down day to benefit the victims of the flooding in Louisiana. Mr. Patrick Schmitz, our middle school English teacher, spent his ACE years in Baton Rouge, LA. He talked to the students today explaining the need and showing pictures of those who were affected by the flooding. Thank you, in advance, for your participation in this service project.

The 8th grade is scheduled to visit Catholic High School on Tuesday, September 27th .

There is a general PTO meeting on Wednesday, September 28th. Please plan to attend as there are many opportunities to volunteer for a variety of projects the PTO is goinkimbellg to be involved with this year.

Blessings for everything you do to support Sacred Heart Cathedral School.

Elizabeth and David

Lucky Hearts Tickets

Sacred Heart Families,491px-heart_left-highlight_jon_01-svg

Please remember to sell your tickets. Students selling all tickets and turning them in early will be rewarded with a treat. Thank you and let’s reach our goal again this year.

Each $20 membership entitles the member to 52 weekly drawings. Drawings are held every Monday beginning October 3, 2016. A member may receive $100 for the drawing held on the first Monday each month, or $50 on subsequent Mondays. After each drawing, the membership ticket is returned to the raffle barrel for a chance to be pulled again during the next drawing.

With 210 families registered at the school, and every family selling 10 memberships, Lucky Hearts has the potential to raise $42,000 this year!

Prizes * Incentives * Awards


For every 10 memberships that a family sells, the family will receive a free “bonus” membership!


The children of the families who sell a minimum of 10 memberships will receive one free “jeans” day per month for the remainder of the school year! Cool!!


The family that sells the most memberships by September 30, 2016, will win a $100 VISA gift card.


The two classes with the highest sales percentage will get a special privilege. Some of the suggested ideas include: Ice Cream Party, Pizza Party, Kona Ice Truck, Dance Party, Board Game Day….

The teachers of the winning classes will receive a $50 VISA gift card.


If we reach our school goal of $25,000, EVERY CLASS WILL GET A SPECIAL PRIVILEGE!!!


Memberships are due back no later thanSeptember 30th. We need all ticket stubs and payment, and any unsold tickets returned to the school office at this time.The first drawing will be Monday, October 3, 2016.