7th & 8th Grade Only Used Uniform Sale

On Tuesday, May 24th – the current 8th grade students may sell their Leadership Uniform to current 7th grade students.sale_tag

We have set aside 4pm to 5pm in the school gym for this purpose.

Tuesday – May 24th

4:00pm – 5:00pm

This is a short window of opportunity for current 8th grade parents to sell their child’s Leadership Uniform to current 7th grade students.

7th grade try on and purchase a blazer right then and there.

Bring money and /or checks for your transactions.

The school will not be involved with this sale – it is between the seller and the buyer.

School does NOT have space to hang and store blazers.

You need to take this opportunity to sell your uniform items.

Blazer                    $55.00
Oxford Shirt        $10.00
Skinny Red Tie   $  6.00
Plaid Tie               $  6.00

Plaid Skirts            $10.00
Fleece                     $10.00
All other items       $ 5.00

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