PTO News – Nominations Needed!


voteThe general PTO meeting was held on Wednesday, April 6. At this meeting we gave away one $100 school registration fee. The lucky winner was Leann Roberts. Congratulations to the Roberts family!

Unfortunately, our general meeting was poorly attended. If you were not in attendance and would like to review the minutes, they will be available on the website. A pressing matter that we need to address is the PTO board elections. We will be losing our President and Secretary this year, so we need nominations for those positions. Please send in nominations for either position. To serve as President one must have formerly served in an elected position on the PTO board. You may self-nominate. You can send nominations to Michelle Robinson at through Friday, May 6. Once nominations are received, we will conduct an election through School MessengerĀ the week of May 9. Please participate. We need your input!

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