Mrs. Snow’s News & Notes

Easter Greetings,SnowIcon

There are many exciting events planned for the next few weeks at Sacred Heart Cathedral School.  Thank you to everyone who attended our PTO General Meeting last evening.  PTO is a great way to support Sacred Heart Cathedral School and they have many events planned for the upcoming school year.  There are two vacancies for officers.  Please consider running and giving of your time and talent.

The Pensacola Opera Company is returning to SHCS next Wednesday and presenting Aria Serious to our middle school students and Jack and the Beanstalk to our elementary students.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 20.  This is our first annual Poetry Night at 6 p.m. April is poetry month so Mr. Elting is planning an evening immersed in poetry.  If you are a poet, or love to read poetry, please let Mr. Elting know.  This event is for families so everyone is invited to share.

If you have not registered for the golf tournament, please consider joining us on Saturday, April 23rd.  Father James, Father Matt and the teachers will be playing so the day will be a great opportunity to spend time with one another.  Please look for the Golf Tournament article in the E-Red for more information.

As we are playing golf, the ROV team will be at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab competing in the ROV competition.  They have worked hard as a group and I am confident they will do well.

As always, thank you for your support and for the hours you volunteer and give of yourself to help Sacred Heart Cathedral School be successful.



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