Poetry Night

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we thought it might be fun to start an micannual Poetry night. The inaugural Poetry Night will be held on
  • Wednesday April 20th at 6:30 p.m. in the Ave Maria Hall. 

The premise is a casual, coffeehouse style reading with students, teachers and parents (maybe you?) simply getting up and reading a published poem that they love, has inspired them etc.

Parents, if your student is a good reader, has a flair for the dramatic and needs extra credit in English/Lit class, please insist they participate. If YOU love reading poetry or have written some original poetry and would like a venue to read it aloud, please let me know and I’ll put you on the list to read. If you have a friend or neighbor who loves poetry- get ’em involved. I am also looking for acoustic guitar players to provide music for the evening. Musical renditions of poetry are also welcomed!

Coffee, cocoa and cookies (check out my alliteration) will be served.  I would love to make this an annual event but will need to have a successful FIRST ONE to do so. I appreciate in advance your kind help. RSVP today- Please send me names of anyone interested in participating. Beanies and berets optional.

Dig it man!
Stephen Elting

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