Mrs. Snow’s News & Notes


As our third quarter draws to a close this Friday, student led conferences are scheduled for next week. Thank you for taking the time to be present with your child to talk about their goals and dreams. This is such an important component of their education. These young people need to become articulate in taking ownership of their learning. They can explain what they have learned, what they want to learn and set goals for the future.   As parents, you, along with the teacher (s) and myself are the primary supportive element in all of this.

A special thank you to the parents who will be preparing lunch for our faculty and staff so they are ready and prepared for these conferences without having to scramble for lunch. I feel so blessed to be part of this community that works together, in partnership, for the most positive outcomes for our students.

Iowa Assessment testing is complete. Those students who were absent will complete the test with Mrs. Adams and myself.

Congratulations to all the members of the basketball teams at Sacred Heart Cathedral School. You represented our school and played diligently. I am so proud of the contribution you have made to your team. A special thank you to the coaches who have contributed their time and talent to make this a reality for the students.   Once again, Sacred Heart Cathedral School students and parents are the best!

Congratulations to our National Junior Honor Society inductees. They will be recognized after our 8 a.m. Mass tomorrow, March 11th. A reception will follow for parents and students.

Lenten Blessings,


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