Mrs. Snow’s News & Notes


March 3, 2016

Iowa Assessment Testingtestform

We will begin our annual Iowa Assessment testing on Monday, March 7 at 8:30 a.m. Testing will begin on Monday and will end on Thursday, March 10. We will begin testing every morning at 8:30 a.m. Testing will end around 10:30 each day. After testing students will have a short break before they resume their regularly scheduled classes. Homework will be light next week, if at all, as the emphasis is in preparing to do one’s best on the assessment.

It is very important that all students are well-rested and bring in a healthy snack to eat. Staying hydrated is important for maximum brain activity, so please include a water bottle.

The Iowa assessment continually updates questions to reflect the continued emphasis on the ability of the students to problem solve and grow in critical thinking skills. The scores are a way to gather information and data on the students and to follow patterns in individual and class growth.

This year our Morning Star students will not be taking the Iowa Assessment as they have already been assessed earlier in the year. Morning Star classes will be as usual.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Trivia NightTriviaNightLogo

Thank you to everyone who is supported Trivia Night.  This is a huge fund raiser for our school and all the money raised is used to enhance our curriculum, facilities and resources. Your support contributes to the success of the evening.
Thank you to the teachers and staff that participated, as well as the parents, alumni, and Cathedral parishioners. Thank you to all the room mom’s who have assembled baskets, and the tireless efforts of all those involved in making this night a reality.  A special thank you to the Trivia Night Committee who began the design of this night many months ago.
The committee members include Ken and Dana Fredriksson, Paul and Michelle Robinson,  Matt and Kelly Comerford, Todd and Alita Fisher, Nancy Young, Kathy and Richard Howard, Janet Garrett, Sidney Poller, David Peaden, and Andrea Rosenbaum.  Thank you also to Jo Brown and Dehon Rigney who were instrumental in obtaining and setting up all of the desserts.  We also appreciate the assistance of the Knights of Columbus for serving the meal and the Haines Family for handling the liquid refreshments.  The costumes and themes were marvelous.  I have heard there is already talk about next year’s event.
Blessings for all you do for Sacred Heart Cathedral School,

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