Mrs. Snow’s News & Notes

Blessings to each of our families, faculty and staff on this NeSnowIconw Year. We have many exciting events planned for January, but I would first like to thank everyone who generously contributed to our teacher, staff and faculty Christmas fund. Thank you to all of our supporters for being sure the students had wonderful parties, celebrations and were immersed in the festivities of our Christmas. Thank you also for the very generous gifts bestowed upon the office, staff and myself. From all of us, we appreciate and cherish your partnership as we move forward in educating “hearts and minds for God”.

The gym remodel is moving forward as they will begin laying the floor this next week. Catholic School’s Week begins with our opening liturgy on Sunday, January 31. Please join us for a pancake breakfast following the 8 a.m. Mass

Save the date: Wednesday, February 24 will be our second family spiritual evening. This time the theme will be Lent. More information coming….


Elizabeth Snow

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