Mrs. Snow’s News & Notes

Pumpkin Run Greetings,SnowIcon

It has been an exciting week at Sacred Heart Cathedral School as the students have been wearing their previous Pumpkin Run t-shirts in preparation for the Pumpkin Run this Saturday. It is so interesting to see the history of the shirts; from the shirts after Ivan to the shirts that proudly displayed the Pensacola Beach tower. Thank you to everyone who has supported this effort in promoting the Pumpkin Run. As we have many new students this year, a present student will be very proud to explain the history behind the shirt they wear each day.

Friday, November 5th, commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee. Bishop Parkes will be presiding at the 8 a.m. Mass on Friday. Everyone is invited to join in this celebration. Mr. Baroco will be leading the music for the liturgy as he will be combining the SHCS choir along with Catholic High School Choir. The students will be singing from the choir loft. What a special event for everyone as we celebrate this joyous occasion.

A very sincere thank you to all the parents who brought in the delicious meals for the faculty and staff luncheons during student-led conferences. Thanks to your generosity and efforts in cooking some delicious dishes, we, once again, are blessed to be part of such a caring community.

I have heard, via news sources, that parents have not heard about the Lucky Hearts results. I published these in my newsletter dated October 22, 2015. In an effort to increase participation in school events and broaden our channels of communication, we have moved our parent page to a blog format.  We will still consolidate the important messages and send them once a week.  Blog posts will also be shared to Facebook. We are a community in partnership for our children’s education and we can only do this through communicating with one another and keeping up to date on events. Thank you for being a vibrant community, willing to volunteer and help the students and teachers become the best they can be through your assistance.

The gym remodeling project is scheduled to begin as we begin our Christmas break. The asbestos removal will begin immediately and take 3 days to complete. Then the painting and new side panels will be installed. When we return in January, we will just be awaiting the arrival and placement of the floor itself.

Upcoming Events….The 7th graders will be traveling to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab on Monday, November 9th and the 8th grade are visiting Catholic High on Tuesday, November 10. December 2 is our first Annual Family Spiritual Evening beginning at 5:30. We will be hosting two Christmas celebrations; the students in PreK-5th will perform on Wednesday, December 9 at 5:45 and the middle school play will be presented December 16 at 6 p.m. Please plan to attend these events.

Within a few short weeks, Thanksgiving will be here. This is such a special time we take to be with family and friends. I encourage all of you to stop and reflect on your own personal blessings and our blessings as a school and parish community. We are extremely grateful for our students, staff, and parent community who reflect all that Sacred Heart Cathedral School represents. You will be in my prayers this Thanksgiving season. We wish all our families a blessed Thanksgiving.

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