Mrs. Snow’s News & Notes

  • SnowIconWe are midway through our first quarter and everyone is settling into a routine. As we continue to meet for Morning Prayer, each month we recognize and celebrate virtues. Our virtue for September is responsibility. Our virtue for October is effort and our mission will be hunger. I will explain the objectives of our mission in the next newsletter. I encourage families to celebrate and reinforce the importance of these virtues at home. Together, by passing on the faith to our children, we are preparing them to make a positive impact on our world by discovering the presence of God in every thing around us.
  • As a middle school community, the student’s have had the opportunity to watch the Pope’s journey here in the United States. Today, the middle school students watched the Pope’s address to US Congress.
  • Monday, October 5th the fifth and eighth grade students will take the ACRE. This is a non-graded, anonymous assessment on the Catholic faith that is administered throughout the diocese. Catholic school students and religious education students also take this assessment. This assessment is used to make any changes that are needed in the overall religious curriculum.
  • Please join us for Mass on Tuesday, September 29 at 8 a.m. Bishop Parkes will be presiding at our liturgy. Our choir will also be singing under the direction of Mr. Baroco.
  • Thank you for all you to do support Sacred Heart School. Many families are participating in the Lucky Hearts fundraiser and the Pumpkin Run is in full swing. I know you will join me in welcoming Nanci Milletary to our Morning Star staff as an aide. Mrs. Milletary, a mom of a SHCS graduate, has a degree in special education and work experience in the field. She will be an asset to our Morning Star program.

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